Crónica 14 - Alá damn it!

...but this time is not funny, it hurts in a way i can't describe, it is a feeling that I'm yet not to define, there's madness and anger along.

Unhealthy behaviors that were buried a long time ago are now present in an inmaculte chorus of thought, crawling under my flesh craving to be free as they never were before.

It's real as nothing can or will be, burns life with cold fire and rejects logical trains of wisdom to get inside, all tools provided by life seem not only to do nothing to help, but they feed it...

We have created a monster that is far more scary than your worse kid's bad dreams, one of those you don't have to see to crumble in the jaws of fear, you feel like stop running as it has done, you both now that time is the only thing apart, it will wait for you to have enough, it will torture you everyday without even thinking abou you, it is fate of a once in a life time reality, but will remain alive until one dies.

We're the same, equal power but mine needs to recharge. I have no where to do it so for now, it is beating me down with the kindest gaze of destruction. I'm devastated and yet it forces me to stand.

When will it be not only up to me?

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