I don't have a religion or base belief system but I will still try to portray my basics in the topic and contribute to the conversation. In a nut shell I believe in all existing faiths but not in religion, do not practice any faith in specific but have taken great learning from passages and quotes from all religions and prophets, from Bahais to Catholics, from Taos to Muslims, from Atheists to Agnostics, from Mayans to Sufi's, etc...

I believe that we are one, but not the same. I believe that we are all energy, the same energy, humans, animals, planets, things, etc. I picture all that energy like a floating ocean, we are all but one drop, take me out (a drop) and nothing happens to the ocean, but take them all? nothing remains.... I believe that we all play a role, that does not oppose, I believe that there must be unity in diversity, embracing the differences to understand how they seek the same thing.

Imagine that we all like ice cream, why would we have to settle for vanilla or chocolate? At the end we can all choose a flavor or a mix, but the result is the same. We are all eating something sweet. This is my take on peace... I've been fortunate enough to meet wonderful people with different sets of beliefs and: all of them have the same basic ground rules, all of them despite the wording or language talk about unity, peace, good and meaning.

I have not met one single person that is congruent with their prophet/religion/beliefs and does not know peace. Peace is a way of life that starts with us. When we live in peace is a magnificent and very contagious energy manifestation. On the other hand when I find people that say that believe in something but are deaf to what they pray/believe/say, I've never seen peace within them, therefore tends to build tension around them.

I'm marveled to see so much awareness on earth, everyday I feel how humanity is increasing its percentage of consciousness and how we are uniting...

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