It´s been days of wet dreams and masturbation on your behalf, it has been imagination and nothing but passionate kissing until now. Luckily for us today is the day, we know it, and we smile to the rising sun and get ready for a bumpy joy ride. We meet and enjoy the sight, we like the clothes but more so the eager skin beneath it.

We smile just for a fraction of time before we kiss again and realize that naked we are, and bodies know themselves better than we do. We stroke our bodies and caress our every inch of being. We enjoy the excited pace and horny looks on our faces. Tongue, lick, lips and kisses, rube and finger, bare minds and flesh.

You tease with your fingers playing with yourself and myself in your mouth, you stop teasing and start blowing my mind away. I can take it no more; I can’t resist your taste and drink of your juice.

Is certain and before we know it we are dancing at the rhythm of contractions, aggressive but makes sense, no pain, just pleasure and movement, heavy panting and loud moaning. We love the smell and get high on the sound.

Fuck yeah!

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