Laying on the couch with music on the background, thinking about you and your secret smile, watching the wind play with trees and the river outside the window, pretending that I'm able to describe how the light in this room tells our story. And so I become the actor of my own drama, as me pretending another life is not reality… yet.

Dreaming about us, about this fantastic utopia in which I've chosen to believe in. Living the search of such joy, not in active pursuit but in the humble and subtle living of life itself, rejoicing on the little things that give me happiness. Devoting each moment to the choices I make on how to react upon the succession of time, as there is no control over what happens to us.

I know the smile yet there is a scent to be met, the reaction of flesh and skin is known but the feel of such wonderful body remains a secret to be found, the seed is patiently waiting the holy ground to unfold, excitement awaits meeting you although rediscovering might be all that needs to be done…

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