Midnight approaches calmly yet my mind is anxious, the guitar lays by my side guilty of my frustration. Its beautiful sound echoes in my mind as random music plays in the background of an empty room, empty yes, as your absence makes the room feel completely void.

I take the guitar and start to play the same chords I always play, the sweet sound of a perfect instrument makes the routine feel inadequate and the urge to satisfy such perfection calls for new sounds, for mistakes, for awkward strums and missed notes. It begs for effort, for excitement and challenge.

The wind blows refreshingly with an aroma so very subtle that is almost impossible to recognize but  the vibrant strings give away your scent.  The smile sets off a reaction, the goosebumps carry the sensations to the fingertips that no longer miss a single note.

Time slows down, music flows and I blissfully drift away...

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