Walking countless steps in a variety of paths we could not have imagined before we meet each other, in a nameless fashion, where our names and backgrounds lack importance, not because our origins lack importance, but because the present is far more important, our humility allow us to see beyond ego and our sight glances as equals. We walk together. We just met, we are friends.

The illusion of time breaks upon the content of our dialogues, we create a time capsule for us, some participate actively, some observe, but we all learn instantly. Wee feed, we seed, we harvest. Through the conversation we reach a certain type of happiness that appears just after a genuine question that cannot be answered yet.

Rejoicing from the unity manifesting in our reality, we marvel to realize how connected we really are. The challenges are also clear, they are not to be feared just acknowledged and overcome. The change that we create by becoming what we believe in, the inward discipline that reflects on our environment, the shift of reality that we surround ourselves with.

The path of love, kindness and understanding treads beneath all the links of unity, the sense of oneness is so much more than just a feeling. Act upon what resonates deep within yourself, follow our instinct, smile and realize we are truly free, as free as we choose to be.

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