Delightful smile that shines life out of my soul, beautiful expression that sent me on my travels before I could realize it. Enigmatic result of genuine happiness. And so I saw it, fell in love and travelled away from her, unknowingly getting closer to her every step of my journey. I climbed the highest peaks in the far Northland, where the cold could not fog the distant shores and bright clouds that hovered below my humble feet. I watched the Sun rise from beneath the ocean and witnessed the play of colour and light in rainbows and shadows in the tiny South Islands. I walked the Western Deserts accompanied by the Moon and danced with the stars firing sound through the wind. I bathed my lonesome body in rain, rivers, underground lakes and white sand beaches in the Eastern Forests. 

Along the journey came glorious scenery, delicious banquets, mesmerizing talks, memorable nights, unforgettable days, peaceful sleep and endless dreaming. Along the perfect moments an ephemeral smile passed by, it was not a glance at the past or a memory tucked away in my subconscious, it was her gorgeous smile. As if she could only manifest when I was happy, when I was living plenty.

I had yet to understand the true meaning, I plunged abysses, soared skies, immerse myself into the ocean, ran in the jungle, played with fire, surfed the wind, explored caves, and got lost in the illusion of time. I even returned home clueless of my ongoing journey. Even home I walked with the Sun and Moon, talked with the winds and clouds, found a piece of the North in the walls that I climbed, felt the currents from the South , the warmth from the Western stars, and the mist from the East. 

When I finally realized the life of the Traveller can be lived anywhere I saw life shining out my soul again, I saw her delightful smile. I saw her and understood that I had never stopped loving her. 

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