Mr. Kane

As the walk in the path of my mind it's gone, and yet not satisfied. I travel along my bright and dead memories as I recall my present inside my future. It's long gone, but I can still feel the air of suspicious thoughts gathering around my soul. It's almost forgotten but I can still taste the sweat comming down my face.

I lit a fire and try to figure out when did I stop dreaming or when did I start waking up. While being hypnotized by the glamorous fire she comes from within the shadows, sexy and unseen. Her whisper to the air becomes the thickest thorn of all, and cuts the silence in to a blood bath of beautiful sounds.

It's so dark now i can see it all, I'm happy and amazed as the light comming from our bodies disolves in the not so unfriendly darkness. Now that is gone as the path of my mind, the unexisting darkness unfolds the remaining treasure of our own; and thus we remember. We feel, that is it.

As we ran away from the future we crashed into our past, fuzzy and sorrow for you; almost forgotten by my breath. You see the window I feel, you feel the door I've crossed. There is nothing else to do, more light comes.

I'm awake now, while you still dream of what will go on today, I already now. The food is delicious, the water is warm and it feels like a thousand kisses going away. The road is full of nothing and the sound is filled with love. It happened 9 months ago.

Here I am. Here I died.

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